1. Dark Satanic Mills
    1. (Interlude א: The Cracks In The Sky)
  2. Arise To Spiritual Strife
    1. (Interlude ב: The Code of the World)
  3. On A Cloud I Saw A Child
  4. Tools Were Made And Born Were Hands
  5. Never Seek To Tell Thy Love
    1. Interlude ג: Cantors and Singers
  6. Till We Have Built Jerusalem
  7. The Perishing Vegetable Memory
  8. Laughing To Scorn Thy Laws And Terrors
  9. With Art Celestial
  10. Bring The Swift Arrows Of Light
    1. (Interlude ד: N-Grammata)
  11. Drive The Just Man Into Barren Climes
  12. Interlude ה: The Right Hand Of God
  13. Borne On Angels’ Wings
    1. (Interlude ו: There’s A Hole In My Bucket)
  14. The Image Of Eternal Death
  15. Cruelty Has A Human Heart
  16. O Where Shall I Hide My Face
  17. If Perchance With Iron Power He Might Avert His Own Despair

All chapters so far are named after poems or lines of poems by William Blake